Need a water rower? Here’s our top recommendation

Water Rower

A good rowing machine can provide you with the low-impact workout that you always wanted. A water rowing machine is the best way to achieve a training a workout that is hardcore and will use more strength and energy from your side.

Since a water rowing machine uses the actual water tank to provide the resistance and gives you an actual rowing feel, it is considered to be the best type of rowing machine for a proper workout session. Which water rowing machine is considered the best in today’s market? That’s an answer you’ll only find after you compare different rowing machines but luckily we’ve done it and have the answer for you and the winner is WaterRower Club Rowing Machine.

This rower helps you in getting the intense workout that you always wanted without causing you any injuries on pressure on your joints. It helps you in working out both your upper body and lower body but that is not all, it engages your core too and offers you a full body workout to stay fit and healthy.

Specifications and Features

This water rowing machine provides you a realistic rowing experience and is quite popular in many health & fitness centers. This rower uses a water tank to provide the needed resistance to the paddle. When you pull the rower’s handle, the paddle spins inside the water tank and you can adjust the resistance by increasing or decreasing your speed.

Water Rower-Specifications and Features

It is a quiet workout and is quite similar to the air rowing experience, except that you use water in this case. You can also adjust the difficulty level of rowing by handling the amount of water in the water tank. If you increase the water, then the rowing will become a little difficult but if you lessen the water, then the rowing will become much easier.

The water tank is constructed using polycarbonate plastic which makes it quite durable and not prone to easy breakage. This water rower also includes an S4 monitor which helps in keeping a track of your workout and displays you a variety of information like your heart rate, stroke rate, distance covered, etc. It is easy to use this monitor and you can always transfer the data to your PC or laptop.

Water Rower Machine-Specifications and Features

This rowing machine is ergonomically designed and includes comfortable padded seats. It also includes heel rest on the floorboards which makes it easy for the user to secure and strap in their feet when working out on that machine.


This is a great rowing machine for all those who want a good intense workout session for themselves but due to its large size, it could be a little difficult to store and transport.


WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is the ideal rowing machine for anyone who has a lot of space to store it and wants a real rowing experience while performing an intense workout session. This rowing machine allows you to choose various workout programs and gives you a chance to improve your workout by monitoring your whole session. This is the best water rowing machine you could ever get in today’s market.

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