Our top 5 recommended Road bikes for 2017

Whether you ride long or short, whether your pro or a beginner or ride just to lose weight or win triathlons, everything always comes down to the bike you own.

None of these goals can be achieved without a strong, low maintenance bike and while the below mentioned bikes may cost a significant sum they’re worth every penny you’ll spend. So if you’re preparing for a triathlon or off on a different adventure and looking for a new bike, check these top 5 bikes for 2017 and if these are stil out of budget check out some cheap road bikes at FitnessGuyd.

Van Dessel Motivus Maximus

Maximus has been a name long associated with gladiators and this bike is no less. Though prices at about $5000 it can roll over smoothly even the toughest of roads. This is further ensured by the 27 mm seat post and 28-29 mm wheels.

It also comes with an easily changeable dropout and can fit in any hub of about 140-142 mm. The bike comes with the widely recommended carbon frame with excellent quality rims and disc brakes.

van dessel

Litespeed T3

This bike too comes with a titanium frame but its bets features are the newly designed chainstays and seat stay that can glide over even the bumpiest of roads. Teamed together with the Shimano Ultegra brakes and drivetrain this bike packs a punch in all departments.

The Stratus pro alloy can integrate tubeless tires ensuring a less troublesome ride and reduced bike weight. The bike is priced around $5000.




Parlee Chebacco

Guess what, the Chebacco has been named after a place in Boston known to have sucky roads with the purpose to handle the strain of similar roads. The carbon frame and the 38mm wheels ensure you enjoy a comfortable ride on the crappiest of roads.

The geometry of the bike is very similar to the latest cyclocross bikes except here the lower bracket is placed lower. This gives the riders a more stable and comfortable ride. The bike is priced at $6000.


Mosaic Cycles GT-1

While Mosaic has a wide variety of both mountain and road bikes its stand out model still remains the GT-1 and the best feature of this bike is its titanium frame.

It has a clearance of about 35-40mm and thus is the perfect bike for rocky roads and though you have an option of going for either disc or rim brakes our suggestion would be you team up the disc brakes with the 11mm thru axle for a top notch ride.  The bike’s cost is about $5500.




Eddy Merckx Strasbourg 71

One if the cheaper bike on the list for this year is the Strasbourg 71 as it’s priced at about $2500. It has a history anyone would be proud of and its awesome design, ride stability are the perfect tribute to the historic landmark. Read all about it here. The bike also comes with a 1005 mm wheelbase and the inexpensive Shimano 105 groupset makes it the ideal bike for all kinds of roads.


Merckx Strasbourg71


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